Workout of the Day — Kelsey Bruce


10 x 1000 meters w/ 2 min rest. 

Splits: 3:22, 3:24, 3:23, 3:22, 3:20, 3:18, 3:18, 3:17, 3:16, 3:14

Recovery: 2 min rest

Kelsey Bruce, March 7th, 2018

This workout was done just a few days ago. Kelsey Bruce, who we’ve mentioned a lot on this website and highlighted as our first Workout of the Day has been putting in another consistent block of training as we are hoping to run FAST on the track this spring.

We are now just 12 weeks back to running after the CIM Marathon (2:34:03); and this has been one of the best build ups that Kelsey has had…and she’s had a lot of good build ups in the past.

The impressive thing about this workout isn’t just the workout standing alone…it’s that she did a very tough 2 x 3 mile session on Monday, which had a tough 6 mile steady state within her long run on the Saturday before…and a week out from this workout she did an impressive 20 x 400 meters w/ 1 min rest session.

Distance running is about stacking effort on top of effort, without going over the line…those who are able to put days on top of days, weeks on top of weeks, months on top of months, and essentially years on top of years will rise to the top. Kelsey’s been stacking days for years…


UTA Bobby Lane Invitational — 1500 meters + 5000 meters 

Stanford Invitational — 10,000 meters

Mt. Sac Invitational — 10,000 meters

Oregon State High Performance — 5,000 meters 

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