Another Favorite Session

If you’ve followed this site since the beginning of the year…you know, there are a lot of sessions that I love. Today, I introduce you to another favorite session of mine…2 x 2 miles just a bit faster than tempo pace with 2 min rest, followed by 4 x 600 meters at 3k / 5k pace with 1:40-2:00 rest.

This is another Bill Squires’ session that I’ve stolen…much like the 3 miles + 2 miles + 1 miles cut down. Typically I’ve used this as an introduction to specific work later in a cross country season and as we transition into the specific work in the track season.

This really involves two of my favorite workouts…tempo repeats (2 x 2 miles) and VO2 max repeats (600 meter repeats)…we’ve also done a variation for runners who haven’t build to that volume of work where they might go 2 x 1.5 miles tempo + 4 x 400 meters at 3k / 5k pace. Typically though, I like to try and get at least 600 meters in for the reps.

If you are looking for a session to move from the aerobic side of training, into the specific spectrum of training, this is a great session.

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