Learning From the Greats — Rob Conner

Conner’s 2017 Portland Pilot XC squad was the NCAA Runner-Up!

One of the biggest influences to my coaching career is Rob Conner. I’ve got a lot of coaching friends, but none were as friendly, encouraging, or honest with me as RC. Whenever I started at DBU (13 years ago), he was one of my first emails…the success he was having at the Division I level, at a small, private school was so impressive, and something I hoped to emulate.

The first years of advice from RC had nothing to do with running. He preached recruiting, working hard, showing up early and leaving late. He would say, “Make sure everyone in the country has gotten a letter from Dallas Baptist University.”

It was only a few years later where he really started throwing around the training advice…and he convinced me that my kids could do more.

Sure, they might have to slow down on their easy days, BUT THEY CAN RUN MORE. And THEY NEED TO RUN MORE.

And from there…WE TOOK OFF.

I owe a lot to RC.

I’m thankful he took the time to phone up my office after I sent that first email.

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