Workout of the Day — Joshua Pauley

4 x 1200 meters + 3 x 1600 meters

Splits: 3:36, 3:36, 3:36, 3:36, 4:56, 4:52, 4:48

Recovery: 400 meters between all repeats; 800 meters between 1200 and 1600 meter sets. 

Joshua Pauley, October 2012


Out of all of the men I’ve coached at Dallas Baptist University only one has ever won the Heartland Conference Cross Country Championships…Joshua ‘Paintrain’ Pauley…it was this workout during his junior year that gave me confidence that he was going to win the Conference Championships just a few weeks later…

At the time, this was a very long workout for our team…and from my notes, Pauley was the only one who did this full session. We were a young team and Pauley was the leader.

Two weeks later he went on to drop all contenders 3-miles into the Conference Championships to win.

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