Another Favorite Session

Earlier this year I posted about one of my favorite sessions…the speed maintenance session of 2 sets of 4-6 x 200 meters…but, like I’ve said many times…I HAVE A LOT OF FAVORITE SESSIONS…

Another one of those FAVORITE sessions is your standard set of 1000 meter tempo reps. I love the simple, yet effective set of 6-12 x 1000 meters starting just slower than tempo pace and working down to around 10k pace/effort by the last 1-2 reps.

The pace is super manageable here…but it’s the rest, only a quick 45 seconds between each rep that makes the workout difficult…yet, highly effective.

I love workouts that start just a bit slower than ‘tempo’ pace and work down to closer to race speeds…such as 8k/10k in the cross country season…or even something like 3k/5k pace in the track season…this is one of those such sessions.

When to employ this type of session? Throughout the year, though preferably after a base of aerobic running as been established.

Any variations to this session? I like to run in sets of four; with a slightly longer rest between sets…but getting faster each set.

Any questions? Feel free to email me at

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