Learning From the Greats — Bill Dellinger

It’s a run-through the Oregon greats with our Learning From the Greats…Pre, then Bowerman, and now Dellinger.

Bill Dellinger ran for Bill Bowerman at the University of Oregon, where he eventually went on to place 3rd in the 5000 meters at the 1964 Rome Olympics. He later joined Bowerman as an assistant coach at the University of Oregon, where he eventually became the mentor to the great Steve Prefontaine.

There is a hard-to-find book from Bill Dellinger…The Competitive Runner’s Training Book…where I found a lot of inspiration from as a young coach. In this book, Dellinger outlined his five training principles…

1. Moderation. 

2. Progression. 

3. Adaptability. 

4. Variation. 

5. Callousing Effect. 

These five training principles are cues to keep in mind while you are developing a training program. They aren’t static. They aren’t sure-fire workouts. THEY ARE CUES…and cues that should help you keep your athletes healthy and moving forward in their training.

For a young coach..THIS IS A GREAT LEARN.


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