My (secret) favorite session.

This session really isn’t a secret; but it is one of my favorites. And I do believe that it’s important for all runners at any age and at any level.

So…what’s the session?

It’s what I call a Speed Maintenance session…but honestly, I don’t know and I don’t care if the name actually fits…but here’s what we do:

2-4 miles easy warm up (depending on the time of year).



2 x (4-6 x 200 meters) with a 200 meter jog between the reps and a 1000 meter jog between the sets. The goal should be to run the first set starting at the 3k (or 3200 meter) feel and work down to your 1500 (or mile) feel. The second set should start where you left off in set #1 and gradually work down from there, but never sprinting.

2-6 miles easy cool down (depending on the time of year).

Simple. Yet, very effective.

I like to place this on Friday, before a long run on Saturday.

Questions? Always feel free to email me at

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