Learning From the Greats — Alberto Salazar

alberto 1

I don’t have any direct connection with Alberto Salazar, but I do recognize that he is one of the greatest coaches in our sport. And while I believe that he’s got it down as far as training philosophy and putting the training into practice (see Galen Rupp, Jordan Hasay, Mo Farah, Kara Goucher, and on and on and on…), but what I take from Alberto is how important everything is.


Alberto is the first coach that I read about really focusing on the strength training and really going above and beyond with the details of core strengthening and having the distance runners in the weight room, etc.

Also, watch every time Galen or Hasay are traveling to a meet, or are waiting around at a meet. Galen, who has severe allergies, will wear the allergy mask. Hasay will have on the cooling vest, and then get into the gym / weight room immediately after a race to get in the strength and mobility work that’s made her into one of the top marathoners in the country / world.

If you’ve watched any Workout Wednesday videos on Flotrack with Alberto, you’ll also see how meticulous he is with their workouts, their paces, their rest, etc.

What I take from Alberto is not the workouts, but everything else. IT’S HOW IMPORTANT EVERYTHING IS IF YOU WANT TO BE A GREAT RUNNER. It’s all important. This season for my team, that’s my cue, for that, I thank Alberto.

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