Running Top-10 — #5

Are you looking to become a better runner in 2018? Well, I think my Running Top-10 list can help you become a better runner in 2018!

You can find the first four tips linked below:

Tip 1
Tip 2
Tip 3
Tip 4 

Today, tip #5 of our Running-Top 10 is…RACE and race more often!

I know way too many runners who are too afraid to test themselves after putting in great training! Why?

Look, I love the training process as much as the next person, but if you want to become a better runner this year, you need to test yourself, and how do you do that? BY RACING.

And don’t limit yourself to just racing a marathon, or a half marathon…within the build up vary your races.

I would encourage you, if possible, to race at least once per month in 2018. And even if you are training for a marathon, don’t be afraid to test yourself over 5k and 10k. And a half marathon 3-5 weeks out from the full marathon is a great test for marathon race day.

Want to be better in 2018? Race more!

Any questions? Please feel free to email me at


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