Running Top-10 — #4

Are you looking to become a better runner in 2018? Well, we are just about half way through my Running Top-10 in 2018 to help you become a better runner. You can find the first three tips linked below.
Today, the topic is NEGATIVE SPLITS. For anyone who has heard me give a training talk before the most annoying question I get asked is, “How fast should my easy runs be?”
The answer to that one question can change EVERY DAY, but I do employ a philosophy that everything should be run in a negative split manner. Easy days, workouts, races, etc. should all be negative splits.
For me, it makes a ton of sense; as the body warms up you should naturally be running at a ‘faster’ clip, which would lead to a negative split run. This should not be forced, it should not be mandated, it should just naturally happen.
A lot of younger runners go out and hammer the first half of their runs, workouts, or races, only to trudge home slowly to the finish. My belief is that the benefit from 90% of what we do happens in the second half of what we do…SO MAKE THE SECOND HALF BETTER THAN THE FIRST HALF!
Set the goal in 2018 to finish everything you do faster than you started it. For most people, that simply means just slowing down a little at the beginning. I think if you do this, you’ll enjoy your runs more and get more bang for your buck.
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