My favorite run.

A few weeks ago my team did not have practiced scheduled on a Thursday morning, this is typical for a Thursday on a race week for us, and a much needed break from the norm.

Since I had the morning off, I asked my wife (Rachel) if she wanted to go to the Katy Trail and run. Disclaimer…we have a 14 month old child and so I would technically run, while she would push Will in the jogging stroller.

A morning out, with a promise of breakfast after…SHE WAS ALL IN.

So, off we went to the Katy Trail.

I ran 8-miles. It was…AWESOME.

This morning happened to be another ‘free’ Thursday morning. So, just like the last time we had an open Thursday morning, we ventured out to the Katy Trail in Dallas.

I ran 8-miles. It was…AWESOME.

But it was somewhere within this run where I felt like I was actually running again. For those that don’t know, I have been battling a very weird phenomenon in my left leg for a few years. I’ve not been a normal runner in that time.

A few weeks ago and again this morning, I was a normal runner. And I thought, “I love the Katy Trail.” Once back to the car and on the way home with my wife and Will, I explained, multiple times, that the Katy Trail might be my favorite run in Dallas.

And it’s crazy, because there is nothing really special about the trail. It’s actually not even a trail…it’s a bike path and it’s only 3.5 miles long (one-way)…but it’s tree-covered and runs through Highland Park and downtown Dallas and I can’t remember a single bad run that I’ve ever had out there.

If I had to sum it up in one word, that word would be…AWESOME.

katy trail


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