The Greater Texas Track Club

The Greater Texas Track Club was founded by my wife and I back in 2011. We were both looking for something bigger with our running…community. While what we envisioned never came to fruit with our own running, it looks as though it’s coming together now with a newer and younger group of hungry post-collegiate athletes that are representing the Greater Texas Track Club now.

This post is for anyone that is looking for a post-collegiate home. We’ve got a few standards and requirements for joining the team, but are looking for a few more young and hungry post-collegiate athletes.

So, if you are interested, here is what it takes to join the TEAM.

  1. You have to live in Texas! 🙂 We are the Greater Texas Track Club and so it’s important that you hail from the great state of Texas!
  2. You have to LOVE running! This is a TEAM and it’s a COMMUNITY and we want you to race and represent the Greater Texas Track Club with all of the LOVE and PASSION that you can!
  3. You have to want to IMPROVE. We are looking for runners that want to improve. About half of our team is aiming for the 2020 US Olympic Trials. The other half were very competitive collegiate athletes who are looking to carry on competing at a high level. The similar thread is that they all want to improve.
  4. Last but not least, the dreaded standards…we’ve got to have them. They are what keeps the level high and the team elite. If you are close to the standards, but have yet to hit them, still email and inquire as we’ve got some availability in our open team as well.

    800 meters — 2:20 (Women) // 1:58 (Men)
    1500 meters — 4:40 (Women) // 4:00 (Men)
    Mile — 5:05 (Women) // 4:22 (Men)
    3000 meters — 10:20 (Women) // 8:47 (Men)
    5000 meters — 18:00 (Women) // 15:12 (Men)
    10,000 meters — 37:45 (Women) // 32:00 (Men)
    Half Marathon — 1:24:00 (Women) // 1:11:00 (Men)
    Marathon — 2:59:00 (Women) // 2:32:00 (Men)

If you are interesting in joining, please email me at


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