Tuesday Tip — RECOVER BIG

If you read this site, then you are probably looking to breakthrough in your running (or coaching)…and it’s obvious to breakthrough you’ve got to TRAIN HARD…however it might not be as obvious that you need to RECOVER BIG as well.

So…what does it mean to RECOVER BIG?

  1. Hydration. Especially in the summer. Anytime you go out and run in the summer you are going to lose lots of fluids and so making sure you replenish those post-run is vital. But, here’s the catch…don’t wait until post-run. Make sure you are hydrating between and before runs as well.
  2. Nutrition. It’s very important to make sure you are fueling pre-run and post-run. Good protein. Good carbs. Plenty of veggies and fruit. And don’t neglect yourself from having sweets! (But, remember, junk in is junk out! And moderation is key!)
  3. Self-care/treatment. One of the biggest things you can do for yourself is invest in a roller, a baseball, and/or a massage gun. 5-10 minutes a day to roll out, flush out, and use the massage gun will help you recover faster and be ready to run the next day!
  4. Sleep. The #1 performance enhancer for running is SLEEP. I recommend at least 8 hours per day…and have a consistent sleep routine. Set a bedtime and stick to it as consistently as you can! Your body will thank you!

You want to run fast? RECOVER BIG!

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