Workout of the Day — Angel Luera

Angel Luera — March 2021

3 x 300 meters (easy-medium-fast) w/ 100 meter jog rest, 2-3 min rest, 5 mi (continuous tempo) with 2 miles at 5:52/mi, 2 miles at 5:44/mi, and 1 mi at 5:36/mi, 2-3 min rest + 3 x 300 meters (easy-medium-fast) w/ 100 meter jog rest.

Angel Luera had an amazing track season for us this past spring. He ran fast from 400 meters through 5000 meters, including the steeplechase. The highlight, for me, was his 3rd place finish in the Men’s 1500 meters at the Lone Star Conference Championships where he closed in 57 seconds to beat a lot of guys who ‘should’ have beaten him on paper.

The thing that I’ve learned with Angel is that he will prove everyone wrong. You give him a baton, he will get it around the track, you doubt him, he’ll show you he belongs, and you give him a chance in a race and he will beat you. That’s what happened at the Lone Star Conference Championships…they gave him a chance in the race and he made them pay with a blistering last lap and a terrific kick.

The workout today isn’t impressive if you look at the numbers. I think he probably ran 48 seconds at the fastest for the 300 meter reps…but that’s not the point. The point is that we are a team that was really prepared for tactical races at the Conference Championships this year. We were a team that was super strong aerobically and that knew how to finish races. This session is one of those sessions that develops that. You do some good aerobic volume and then practice running faster, with good form and efficiency, to finish.

I also want to note that Angel’s weakness early in his career were tempo runs. Now, they have become second nature and that aerobic improvement is dangerous with his closing speed. If we keep it simple, continue developing him aerobically, and practice running fast, with good form and efficiency, he’s going to be hard to beat!

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