Workout of the Day — DBU XC Men

DBU XC Men — April 2021

8 x 1000 meters @ 2 x 82 secs/400m, 2 x 80 secs/400m, 2 x 78 secs/400m, 2 x 76 secs/400m (200 meter jog rest) + 8 x 200 meters @ 32-34 secs (200 meter jog rest)

This past spring semester I really challenged my guys with the volume of their workouts. When you don’t have the credentials that most everyone else in your conference has and you want to run with them, you better be willing to outwork them.

This session was actually one of the lighter sessions we did in the spring. Most of our sessions were 7-8 miles worth of quality volume. This session is only 6 miles worth (5 miles of 1K’s and 1 mile of 200’s). But, it was just a few weeks out from our Conference Championship and we had some big racing lined up between this session and Conference.

The thing that I love about this session is that it hits the AEROBIC strength component that most developmental runners really lack with the 1K reps and then, after we’ve got that fatigue built up in the legs, we ask them to run fast (with a focus on smooth and relaxed).

10 days later we had several guys set PRs over 800 meters, 1500 meters, the steeplechase, 5000 meters, and the 10K. And when we got to Conference a few weeks later, we were a team that was really prepared for tactical races that started easy and closed hard.

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