Learning From the Greats — My dad.

If you aren’t sweating before a race, then you did not warm up well enough. 

— Donnie Phillips, aka my dad

My dad is the reason that I started running. He was our high school’s record holder in the Mile run and it was a time and record that I chased throughout my prep years as a runner. I never hit the mark during high school, but that was enough to get me truly inspired through middle school and high school to start this life-long love affair with running.

His advice wasn’t based on science and he hasn’t run a step since graduating high school, but he would always tell me, “You want to be sweating before you start the race. That means you are warmed up well enough.”

I can tell you from experience…he is right.

He also had unique gems, such as, you want to hold your hands as if you are eating a potato chip…thumb touching index finder…not too tightly…stay relaxed…think about holding that potato chip.

My favorite piece of advice he gave though was from his favorite race, the mile. He said that you’ve got to be ready to go from 300 meters out. I loved the idea of making my move 300 meters from the finish…

I’m sure someone in each of your lives inspired you to start running…you should thank them.


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