Making adjustments.

This past weekend my college team traveled ~7 hours to Pittsburg, Kansas to compete in a track meet (Indoors). They raced hard, put in some good mileage, considering it was a race weekend, and then we traveled by ~7 hours to Dallas (the next day).

On the schedule for Monday was a progression run. We typically run progression runs on Monday…at least early in the season. But the whole weekend I kept thinking about the travel, the racing, and then that progression run that was coming up the day after travel.

Sometime during lunch on Sunday…in the midst of our drive home, I thought, we aren’t doing a progression run. I just didn’t feel comfortable trying to force some quality out of my students when we had been sitting in vans and buses all weekend and standing at a track meet for 12+ hours.

So, what did we do? We made an adjustment…we turned Monday into an easy mileage day and had a great run. The group’s energy was high, we all ran together (men together, women together), and got out unharmed.

Making adjustments to training schedules is sometimes scary. We want to put in that work we had scheduled, but sometimes, it just makes more sense to make an adjustment.

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