Workout of the Day — Cashlee Rayas

3 miles + 2 miles

Recovery: 3 minutes

Splits: 3 miles — 5:58, 6:01, 6:02; 2 miles — 6:03, 6:06

Cashlee Rayas, December, 2018


In just a couple of days, Cashlee will be making an honest debut at the Half Marathon. She’s run a half marathon before, but had miserable stomach cramps and slowed so much that she barely finished. This is the first time that she’s actually trained for it, and let me tell you…SHE IS READY.

This session was simply to get in some work at goal half marathon pace for extended periods of time. We’ve done a lot of 1 mile reps at goal pace or faster with 1 minute rest, but this one would give her extended time at goal pace…which she handled brilliantly in some windy conditions.

How will she run in Houston? I believe she is ready to average 6:00/mile pace for the half marathon…but fingers crossed for good weather and no stomach cramps!!!

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