Learning From the Greats — Barry Magee

As we enter into this NEW YEAR and really start to FOCUS on what can make us better runners (or coaches) in 2019 I want to remind everyone of what Barry Magee told me a few years back…

Jacob, the base is 80 percent of the training potential. If you only get in 60% of the base and are perfect with everything else, then you still will only reach 80% of your potential for that season! It is that important!

Now, I’m sure Barry was just using those numbers to show the importance of the base…but it’s been something that I have not gotten away from since he’s told me that.

I want to caution any runner or coach out there…PLEASE do not rush the base or cut the base short…BUILD THE BASE and then everything else falls into place!!!

So, what does a good base entail?

For me, a good base lasts anywhere from 8-12 weeks, with the first four weeks being easy running w/ strides and speed maintenance work. The last 4-8 weeks should be more of an intense base with some progression runs, hilly runs, and a real focus on good long runs.


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