JHP Running Project — Esperanza Lopez

As I continue on with introduce some of my JHP Running clients this NEW YEAR, I wanted to introduce Esperanza Lopez!!!

I have been coaching Esperanza for nearly two years now and have really enjoyed watching her work hard, despite a heavy class/work/life load…and have loved seeing her improvements after putting in some HARD WORK!!!

Esperanza is about to tackle the Houston Marathon and has done some amazing training leading up to this race. There is no doubt in my mind that she’s going to set a personal best…but the only question is by how much!?!?!

Speaking of personal bests…Esperanza has run 1:25 for the half marathon and 3:05 for the marathon, but says that her goal is to break 3 hours in Houston…I think she’ll be well under that time! 🙂

When asked about the JHP Running project she said that she loves that the plan is individualized based on her goals, her work schedule, her school schedule, and that it’s able to be modified to meet her needs! 

She continues with, “After college it was really hard to get back in to competitive running and I needed an extra push, when I found out you (Jacob Phillips) were the coach for DBU (Dallas Baptist University) I knew you understood the post collegiate athlete perspective and I saw how successful post college athletes you coached were so I decided to contact you.”

I like to think that it’s paid off, since she’s run some big PR’s since joining the program!!!

Esperanza’s proudest achievement in running over the 2018 year was setting a personal best at the Cowtown Marathon.

“I love running and I can’t see myself without it. This is very valuable to me because every time I hit my times on a workout or achieve my short term goals I know I am getting closer to that big goal. And getting positive feedback from you always gives me a confidence boost!”

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Esperanza and want to take this opportunity to wish her luck at the Houston Marathon and throughout the rest of 2019!!!

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