Workout of the Day — Rachel Phillips

2 x 400 meters + 2 x 15 minutes + 2 x 400 meters

Recovery: 3 minutes between everything

Splits: 71, 72, 6:14, 6:08, 73, 73

Rachel Phillips, October, 2011


My wife (Rachel) ran her personal best for 5000 meters in a build up to her first half marathon. In fact, the 5k was the last true hard effort before her half marathon as the 5k was just a week prior.

This session was done on Tuesday, with the 5k race on Saturday. The goal was to be a bit slower on the 400 meter reps…but she was spot on for the 15 min reps. One of the thing that I remember the most from this training build up for Rachel was how good she was on the tempo work. We really tried to lock in on averaging 6:00-6:15/mile pace on all of the ‘tempo’ work, because that is what she was trying to average for her half marathon!

I like the build of this session because with the 5000 meter race coming up, we want to practice the ‘getting-out’ feel of a 5km…the 400 meter reps to start with did just that. They shock the system just enough to make the tempo portions a little harder…and then you finish with the 2 x 400 meter reps to practice finishing faster. It’s a great practice on how you race a 5000 meters…Get out, settle into a good rhythm, and finish fast!!!

This 5000 meter race was her PR and earned her a trip to San Diego for a half marathon!!! It’s always nice to WIN and get a PR…AND earn a trip for your efforts!!!


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