Workout of the Day — Curry, Trent, Stetson

2 x 200 meters + 4 x 800 meters + 2 x 400 meters + 2 x 200 meters

Splits: Not recorded. 

Recovery: 200 meter jog between 200 meter reps, 2:20 rest between 800 meter reps, and 90 seconds between 400 meter reps. 

Andrew Curry, Trent Phelps, Stetson Rayas, April, 2018

This session was done the week of the Mt. Sac and Bryan Clay Invitational track meets last April. That Thursday night was a historic night for our program where Curry ran 29:30 and Stetson ran 29:50 for 10,000 meters, while Trent ran 8:57 for the 3000 meter steeplechase.

While there is nothing special about this session…and I did not record the splits, I did write in my workout log…Good day…finally no wind. Guys cruised and looked good.

It was just a precursor to those guys cruising and looking good a few days later!!!

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