Workout of the Day — Leah Lewis (and the rest of the DBU XC ladies)

3 miles + 2 miles

Recovery: 3 min rest

Splits: 6:24-6:32/mile pace on the 3 mile segment and cutting down on the 2 mile segment in 800 meter segments…6:24, 6:16, 6:08, 6:00/mile pace. 

Leah Lewis (and the rest of the DBU XC ladies), September, 2018

This was our first ‘specific’ session for the XC season this year and it came on week #7. Typically we start this kind of work much earlier in the year, but since our Championship season is two weeks later than normal I thought it best to back this work up in the training season.

For XC I consider this work specific…it’s not exactly race pace, but it’s finishing pretty close to what we expect to run for 6000 meters at altitude in November…and it’s work that our ladies respond to very well. For someone like Leah, this is a session that really builds her confidence and gets her fired up…and not 10-days after completing this session she had her best race of the season when she led our ladies at the NCAA South Central Regional Preview this past Saturday!

More of this work is coming for our ladies…in fact, this morning we had 3 miles + 2 miles + 1 mile, which is just an extension of the session she did two weeks prior. All in all, we’re building strength and getting more specific through the training cycle.


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