Workout of the Day — Frank Shorter

4 x 880 yards

Recovery: 220 yards jog recovery 

Splits: 2:02 average 

Frank Shorter, Summer, 1972

From Mike Sandrock’s Running with the Giants…

In Oslo, Shorter ran another workout of 4 x 880 yards with a 220 jog recovery, averaging 2:02. In a practice meet in Oslo, Shorter also ran 7:51 for 3,000 meters, beating milers such as Rod Dixon. The shocked New Zealander shook his head after the race, saying, “I can’t believe I got beat by a bloody marathoner.” Francesco Arese, an Italian miler, said to Shorter in French, their common language, “Tu gagnera le marathon” (“You will win the marathon.”) Shorter used those words to build his confidence for his Olympic races.

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