2018 DBU XC Feature

Starting on Monday, August 13th my college team, Dallas Baptist University, will officially start their 2018 team practices…we call this our camp week since there are no classes during the week of August 13th.

As a learning / teaching tool I am going to post, daily, the workouts run, with commentary on how it went, why we’re doing what we’re doing, etc.

Why would you be interested in this?

Well, we’ve been a highly successful XC program throughout the years…our women have won 11 straight conference championships in Cross Country, while our men finished 18th last year at the NCAA Championships. And I really believe in our system and want to spread and share all that I can about the program and training that we do.

So, that means a break from our regular content, but we’ll resume with the regular content at the conclusion of our team’s camp week!

Be on the lookout for that to start in just a few days, on Monday, August 13th!

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