2020 US Olympic Trials Marathon Project — Kelsey Bruce

Today’s athlete feature for the 2020 US Olympic Trials Marathon Project needs no introduction on this website…Kelsey Bruce has been the feature of several articles, workouts of the day, and race recaps, but the cool thing about this feature is you get to find out a little bit more about her that doesn’t involve workout specifics or training / racing recaps!

Kelsey has already qualified for the 2020 US Olympic Trials Marathon with her 2:34:03 performance at the 2017 California International Marathon / US Marathon Championships; but being part of this project is more than just trying to qualify…it’s about being there and Kelsey will be there.

If you are wanting to support elite-level athletes, such as Kelsey, along their journey to the 2020 US Olympic Marathon Trials starting line please send me an email at thedailyrun@gmail.com.

Dallas Baptist University

Personal best times:
16:25 (5000 meters), 33:50 (10,000 meters), 1:13:57 (Half Marathon), 2:34:03 (Marathon)

Goal for 2018-2019:
To be good.

Favorite thing about running:
The people that come w/ running. Crushing long runs, sharing the struggle and the accomplishments with friends.

Reason for chasing this dream:
I’m extremely thankful that the Lord has given me this gift. I believe that it’s my current calling to try and share awesome Jesus is. It is also something that helps me, personally, to see how awesome Jesus is and to grow closer in my own personal relationship w/ Him.

Favorite post-race meal:
Depends on the race. Marathon — chocolate milk and a breakfast taco first; then, once my stomach is settled Chick-Fil-A and Taco Bell. After a Half Marathon — Chicken and waffles. After a 5k/10k — Asian food and a Dr. Pepper. Anything shorter — Quinoa, steak, and veggies; something healthy because I have just been humbled.

Pre-race superstitions:
Avoid grumpy and over-talkative people.

Favorite workout:
A completed and crushed long run.

Proudest running-related moment:
Finishing 4th at the NCAA Cross Country Championships.

Current job, outside of running:
Assisting DBU XC/TF to have a great year!!!

Final Word:
If you aren’t first, you’re last!

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