Workout of the Day — A 4:55 miler

2000 meters + 2 x 3 min + 2 x 1 min

Recovery: 3 min rest between all sets; 3 min rest between 3 min reps and 1 min rest between 1 min reps. 

Splits: 6:40 (2000 meters), 5:10 / 5:07 mile pace (3 min reps), 4:39 / 4:46 mile pace (1 min reps)

Jacob Phillips, July 2018

This was my last workout before breaking 5 minutes in the mile for the 19th consecutive year. 4:55 is nothing to write home about, but it’s something when you are old, tired, and hanging on by a thread to any existence of a running life.

The session above is one that I am very proud of. I ran hard and it’s the fastest I’ve gone for extended periods of time in a long time.

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