Training journal, log, diary, website?

For my entire (serious) running career I have kept my running log online…sometimes in blog form, sometimes via any number of running-log/journaling websites. But, I’ve always logged my running…even in periods of rest or cross-training I still kept up with what I was doing.

This is something that I highly encourage to all runners. There were times when I wasn’t sure why I was logging, but being able now, as a retired runner, to be able and go back and see what I did…logging all of those miles…it’s so valuable for me.

And, I believe that in the here and now moments, when we are preparing to line up for our big race, it’s always helpful to be able to go back and see the work you’ve done and say, “Yes, I’ve prepared for this. I am ready.”

So, whether you use a training journal, log, diary, or website…you should be noting what you are doing.

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