Workout of the Day — Leah Lewis

2 x 200 meters + 2 x 2 miles + 1600 meters of 100 meters fast / 100 meters jogging


Recovery: 200 meter jog between 200 meter reps, 800 meters jogging between tempo repeats. 

Splits: Build up effort for the 200 meter reps, tempo effort for the 2 mile reps; fast for the 100 meters ‘fast’ segments. 

Leah Lewis, April, 2017

This was Leah’s last workout before her personal best performance in the 5000 meters; she ran 17:14.99 at the 2017 Bryan Clay Invitational, which qualified her for the 2017 USATF Outdoor Track and Field Junior Championships.

I don’t have the splits with me (I’m writing this while on vacation), but I would venture to say that she ran those 200 meter reps in 38-40 seconds, those two-mile reps in 6:12-6:24/mile pace cutting down, and she ran as fast as her long legs would carry her over the sprint-float mile.

All in all, this was a great year for Leah and this workout is one that highlights her strength…tempo running. She loves and thrives off of tempo work. This was just another session to keep her feeling good and getting stronger.

Much more of this work in her future.

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