Workout of the Day — Edward Cheserek

The workout of the day this week will be in a different format…courtesy of Flotrack, we have a Workout Week from Edward Cheserek. I think it’s pretty cool that one of the best runners in the world basically said, “Yeah, come out and video everything I do for the full week.”

We are getting better and better at distance running and this kind of insight into some of the top runners in the world is why.

Click on each day to see a video of the workouts.

Day 1:
Track session w/ 3 x 1000/600/300 meters

Day 2:
Easy day w/ 8 miles AM + 4 miles PM

Day 3:
Long run

Day 4:
Easy day w/ 9 miles AM + 4 miles w/ strides PM

Day 5:
Tempo session on the roads w/ 3 miles + 2 miles + 1 mile + 1 mile

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