Workout of the Day — Magaly Soto

10 x 1 min hill repeats

Recovery: Jog down easy after each uphill repeat. 

Splits: N/A

Magaly Soto, year-round


Magaly is one of the best runners that I coach and is one of the best Master’s caliber runners in the country. She’s been on fire since placing 2nd overall at the Dallas Marathon in 2016 and has recently run huge personal best times in the marathon and half marathon within the last month.

Magaly races a lot throughout the year and seems to have a motor that just doesn’t stop! She can run a marathon, take an easy week of running, and then be right back in the swing of things!

This session, 10 x 1 min hill repeats, is one that we employ just about every other week throughout the year. For master’s runners (40 years of age or older) I think it is very important to keep a speed component in their training…years of mileage building leaves them with a huge aerobic base…but speed is something that we lose if we do not train it.

So, the purpose of this session is to continue training her speed and maintain a good amount of strength work to keep her strong and healthy.

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