On Marathoning — A series.

With my summer starting this weekend I thought I would start a mini-series on the marathon. There are a lot of factors involved in running a ‘fast’ marathon — the long runs, the specific workouts, the fueling, etc. — but a lot of people miss some of the keys to running a fast marathon.

I’m hoping that through this mini-series I can help shed some light on some of these keys to the marathon! If you are interested in a topic that I do not cover please email me at thedailyrun@gmail.com and I’ll do my best to cover it.

For now, here’s the run-down of On Marathoning — A series.

  1. The overview of the training build up.
  2. The long runs.
  3. The specific workouts.
  4. The speed workouts.
  5. The fueling.
  6. Pacing strategy.

Like I said, if there are any topics that I don’t have listed please just email me at thedailyrun@gmail.com.


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