Learning From the Greats — Andrew Cook

Two days ago I had the pleasure of speaking at the 2018 North Texas Cross Country Coaches Seminar. Typically there are two high school coaches and two college coaches who speak and this year I was really excited to be part of the lineup as there were some awesome presentations.

One of the presenters is Flower Mound High School coach, Andrew Cook. Coach Cook’s squad boast some of the best runners in the state of Texas and in the whole country. His men’s team qualified for the Nike National XC Meet and last year he had the 5th fastest 3200 meter runner in the country.

The coolest thing about his presentation wasn’t the training involved, he admittedly works his team very hard, but he talked more about motivation and team-building than anything else yesterday.

I think it just goes to show you…most of us are working hard and doing the right work; but there is so much more to being a successful XC team or runner than just putting in the work. You’ve got to be motivated, you’ve got to have confidence, and it never hurts to have a great team on your side.

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