Workout of the Day — Dawn Grunnagle

16 x 200 meters 

Splits: 35.74, 35.00, 34.24, 34.36, 33.31, 33.12, 33.36, 32.98, 33.23, 33.06, 32.83, 32.34, 32.46, 31.51, 30.29. 

Recovery: 200 meter jog recovery 

Dawn Grunnagle, March 2014

I love keeping in 200 meter repeats and hill repeats throughout an athlete’s training cycle, but this session of 200 meter reps was FAST. But, at the time, I was dealing with a FAST athlete — Dawn had 2:07 / 4:15 speed and was transitioning to the half marathon and eventually the marathon (as noted before).

For an athlete like Dawn, who is coming from a speed background, you keep in these faster workouts to maintain that good and fast feeling. For someone that isn’t blessed with that kind of speed these workouts serve as more development…but either way, I think they are highly beneficial.

Just three months later Dawn ran the Olympic Trials qualifying time of 1:14:56 in the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon. It was a great build up that included lots of longer, steadier running, but also a good mixture of speed with 200 meter repetitions and hill repetitions.


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