Run To The Top — A Study

As I am reading through RUNNING TO THE TOP once again, I thought it would be best to journal along with the reading. Like I’ve said before, this is such a fundamental piece of literature on training. It’s the foundation from which I’ve built my entire training philosophy on and so the reminders are necessary to continue building this philosophy.

I also love the story-telling that Arthur does throughout the book and so I want this ‘study’ to be one mixed with stories from the past and reflections upon the training that revolutionized the sport.

The foreward by Garth Gilmour (co-author) starts with, “The greatest discovery in post-war international athletics was that Arthur Lydiard actually did know what he was talking about.”


Such a strong statement to start a book with. But the facts cannot be hidden. He continues, “The discovery was made in Rome in 1960 when two of Lydiard’s brightest pupils, Murray Halberg and Peter Snell, won gold medals on the Olympic track and a third, Barry Magee, ran the fastest marathon time ever recorded by a white man to win a bronze medal.”

Over the next few weeks I will continue to expand upon this ‘study’ of RUNNING TO THE TOP and I hope that you enjoy it. If you have any questions along the way, please email me at

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