5 Weeks — 5 Races

Kelsey Bruce has had quite the month.

Five weeks ago she ran the 1500 meters at the East Texas Invite. This 1500 meter race was more of a workout, where she ran a 3-mile tempo afterwards…but it was still a race.

The following week she ran the 10,000 meters at Mt. Sac. It wasn’t all we had hoped for, but by no means a failure.

Then we went to the Oregon State High Performance meet in Corvallis, Oregon where she ran to a PR in the 5000 meters (16:25).

This past weekend she hopped in the Silo District Half Marathon and ran just under 76 minutes on a typical early summer morning in Texas (hot / humid).

Now, in less than a handful of days she’ll race at the US 25K Championships.

So…why all of those races?

1. She loves to race. She puts in 100+ miles per week in her training build ups…why not get some reward for all of that hard work? What’s the point in training hard if you aren’t racing?

2. Because it’s supposed to be fun? When she’s dialed in to a marathon build up there is not a lot of time for racing. You’ve got to be recovered from the long runs and from the long workouts, so, you can’t really get in a lot of races. And this is supposed to be an ‘off-season’ from marathon training…so, while we are still trying to be great and still trying to get faster, we still want to have some fun!

3. Because why not? She had to be in town for each of those weekends, so why not make the most of it?

What’s next?

10-days of total rest and relaxation before starting back up for a big summer and fall! 🙂

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