Anatomy of a Workout — Steeple People

Yesterday I wrote about one of my favorite sessions; basically a Lydiard 2000 meter time trial, followed by some faster paced reps. Well, today, I am going to show you the details of a workout in that mold that I had my steeplechase group do this week, about 9 days out from our Championships.

These guys have run 8:57 and 9:20 for the 3000 meter steeplechase, and I had another 1500 meter guy tagging along for the workout who has run 4:03 for 1500 meters. The goal with 9 days out was to get in a longer, sustained effort at 5k effort, and then finish up with some just faster than 3000 meter paced 400 meter reps.

The assignment was this:

Trent Phelps, 8:57 in the 3000 meter steeplechase:

2000 meters at 4:40/mile pace; 6:00 rest; 6 x 400 meters in 64 seconds w/ 2:00 rest.

Matthew Torvik, 9:20 in the 3000m steeplechase / Matthew Hahn, 4:03 in the 1500m:

2000 meters at 5:00/mile pace; 6:00 rest; 6 x 400 meters in 68 seconds w/ 2:00 rest.

Now, the rest was hefty. But we had a very windy day at 15+ mph, and it was 72 degrees and 100 percent humidity. It was the warmest and windiest morning we’ve had all spring.

The instructions were simple; ample rest so that we are not fighting the wind and ourselves. You’ll get plenty of recovery, so don’t panic during the session.

The guys were brilliant. Trent was 5:45 for the 2000 meters; 4:38 through the 1600 meters and a 67-second last lap. He then averaged 62-seconds for the 400 meter reps. The ‘Matts’ crushed their session as well going 4:56 through the 1600 meters and running 6:10 for the 2000 meters and then averaging 65-seconds for the 400 meter reps.

And they did all of this working within themselves and staying in control. It was a great session and has me very excited to see what they’ll do next week in the steeple final.

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