Workout of the Day — Rachel Phillips

4km Time Trial (Track) + 6 x 200 meters

Splits: 14:43 (5:53/mile pace); 200s were all in 35-38 seconds. 

Recovery: 10 min comfortable run between time trial and 200 meter reps; 200 meter jog between 200 meter reps. 

Rachel Phillips, November 2010


This is another workout from my wife…but when she was running for DBU. This was about 10 days out from the Regional Championships her senior year in college. The year before she was the 5th/6th girl on our squad that qualified for the NCAA Championships; this year she was the 1st / 2nd girl on a team that just wanted to get back.

After about a 6-month hiatus due to injury in the spring, she only began training for the XC season in July with a very simple 5 minute run. We knew that she’d lack the base she had in previous years, so we focused on a heavy dosage of cross-training…primarily in the pool, and race-specific sessions that built throughout the season.

This session, 10 days before regionals, was an extension of a 2-mile time trial she did about 2-weeks previous. In both cases she averaged right around 5:50-5:53/mile pace. Turns out that at regionals she averaged just that. Unfortunately she missed Nationals by just a few spots and the team missed it by one spot.

All in all though, it was a very successful year, which ended with a 13th place finish at regionals, 13 spots higher than the year before.


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