Learning From the Greats — Bernard Lagat


Bernard Lagat is one of my all-time favorite runners. I remember watching him compete for Kenya in the 2004 Olympics and finishing second in the 1500 meters. He was and still is such a beautiful runner. Smooth, fast, and always seemingly relaxed. And his competitive career has lasted a long time…he’s over 40 years old and still competing in World Championships (Half Marathon coming up…).

And that’s the thing that I learn from Bernard Lagat…it’s about consistency. So many times I come back to this cue…CONSISTENCY IS KING IN OUR SPORT. You have to stack days on top of days, weeks on top of weeks, months on top of months…for years…in order to be great and to reach your ultimate potential. It isn’t about one great workout…it isn’t about one great race…IT’S ABOUT CONSISTENCY.

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