Workout of the Day — Dawn Grunnagle

15 min + 10 min + 5 min + 3 min + 2 min 

Splits: 5:59 pace, 5:49 pace, 5:40 pace, 5:31 pace, 5:18 pace

Recovery: 3 min easy between each segment

Dawn Grunnagle, January 2015


This is another workout from Dawn Grunnagle’s 2015 LA Marathon build-up. Out of all of my years coaching, this was one of the best build ups that I’ve been part of. Unfortunately, as noted before, the 2015 LA Marathon was HOT and HUMID. And was the start of my bad-luck run of marathons with Dawn…every marathon we trained for together ended up being HOT and HUMID.

But this workout is one that I love when training for the half or full marathon…it’s a tough session mentally as you’ve got some long reps (10-15 minutes) and a pace that is increasing with each rep.

Dawn executed this one as she had all of her other workouts in this build up…to perfection. Thankfully we had GTTC Elite member Zach Morgan on the track doing the same workout, just faster, so he was ‘chasing’ us as we were clicking off our splits. It was a fun day and Dawn got in a tremendous session.

Fun fact: This is also the same exact workout that my wife performed in the build up to her half marathon debut…Workout of the Day — Rachel Phillips

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