Learning From the Greats — Alan Webb


Alan Webb is the current American Record holder in the Mile (3:46.91) and might be the spark the set American distance running back on fire. His quest for the American high school mile record and then his extreme highs as a professional were the beginning to the American revolution in distance running…a revolution that has seen medals at the World Championships and Olympic games.

A few years ago at our Conference Championships in cross country we had the pleasure of listening to Alan speak at the conference banquet. He spoke over a lot of different topics, but the one that sticks out to me is how he approached goals and major competition.

He said, “When I stood on the starting line, I had been there a million times before. I had thought about it. I had envisioned it. I had dreamed about it. It wasn’t new to me and it wasn’t bigger than it was supposed to be, because I had been there.”

How are you preparing for your goals and major competitions? Have you been there before (in your dreams? in your visions? in your preparation?)…or is the first time you’ve been there actually when you line up on the starting line?

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