Workout of the Day — Andrew Curry

4 x 30 seconds fast + 5 x 6 minutes + 4  x 30 seconds fast

Assigned Splits: 5:12/mile, 5:04/mile, 4:56/mile, 4:48/mile, 4:40/mile

Actual Splits: 5:13/mile, 5:03/mile, 4:59/mile, 4:47/mile, 4:42/mile

Recovery: 1:30 after 30 second reps; 2 min after 6 min reps; 4 min after 3rd 6 min rep. 

Andrew Curry, February 2018


This is a very recent workout…but one that proved to me just how fit Andrew Curry was/is. This session was done on our very wet and sloppy grass track…typically the grass track is just fine…smooth enough and fast enough…but on this morning, everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong.

The sprinklers were running when we got there. And it had rained the day before. The wind was howling. It was cold. It was not prime conditions for a gut-busting workout. In fact, the first lane was flooded.

But, we were 10 days out from our last opportunity to run fast this Indoor Season and the team wanted to go for it.

So, we went for it.

Curry (as we call him), showed the strength and speed that has really developed over the past year…strength and speed that led him to our program’s first-ever NCAA All-American honor in Cross Country (2017) and that has led him to school records over 5000 meters and 10,000 meters.

As you can tell from the assigned splits and actual splits he was not dead-on, but he was close and he was workman-like in his approach to each rep. Even as fatigue built and the wind continued to blow, he just pounded away, cutting down each rep, getting faster as the work carried on.

10 days later he would run an NCAA top-20 time in the 5000 meters of 14:24 and take 12 seconds from his own school record.

Strength is speed.


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