Anatomy of a Workout

Tuesday, February 6th, 2018 — Dallas Baptist University, Distance Squad

3 miles warm up (including 4 x 200 meters on / 200 meters off). 
3 miles easy tempo run w/ 5 min rest after completing. 
5 x 300 meters at 5k effort cutting down to sub-mile effort w/ 2 min rest. 
3 miles cool down (including a 30 sec surge w/ 3:30 easy jogging)

Explanation of the workout:

This is one of my favorite workouts…and I’ll be honest, I have a lot of favorite workouts, but this simple session here is one that I LOVE…and we typically employ it within the last 2-3 weeks of a season…

For Tuesday, February 6th we used it as we were ~3-4 days out from a very fast Indoor Invitational, but ~10-11 days out from our Indoor Championships (Conference). For me, it’s a very easy tempo run…3 miles is pretty short for us and I typically run this session 4-8 seconds per mile slower than normal tempo. IT’S JUST AN AEROBIC REFRESH FOR US.

Then we take ~5 minutes after the tempo, with some jogging to stay loose and changing into their race shoes (spikes). The 300 meter cut downs are pretty slow to start…but as we work through we try to cut down ~2 seconds per rep to just below what we think they can run for a mile. The rest is ample…2 minutes.

All in all, typically the energy is very high in this session as we are already tapering down and the ask for the day is not overly hard.

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