Learning From the Greats — Mark Wetmore

wetmore 1

As a young coach, I made it my job to reach out to any and every coach that I respected or thought did a good job. One of those coaches was Mark Wetmore.

I remember emailing him with questions on training, recruiting, running a program…any and every thing. AND HE ALWAYS REPLIED.

To this day, there are coaches that I am still waiting to hear back from, and we’re talking nearly 15 years of waiting!!! But Coach Wetmore? He always found the time to respond, and it was never just a one or two sentence response. It was thoughtful, it was thorough, and it was honest. For that, I am very thankful.

The biggest thing I took away from Coach Wetmore in training was his emphasis on the long run and how important it is within the training recipe. Alan Culpepper, one of Coach Wetmore’s former athletes and a US Olympian, wrote a great article on the long run with advice from Coach Wetmore himself. You can check it out here.

If you’ve read Running With the Buffaloes or watched any Flotrack videos featuring Coach Wetmore you will see how important the long run is to him.

One of the first Flotrack Workout Wednesday videos was of the CU Buffaloes doing a long run at Gold Hill…watch it here.

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