Rest Days — No Days Off?


I don’t know if you’ve seen the popular hashtag that people post after workouts…No days off…? Well, I have…and I agree, NO DAYS OFF…but here’s the catch…REST DAYS aren’t days off.

Most of my collegiate athletes and GTTC Elite athletes train 7 days per week and legitimately don’t take many days off. But, I’m not opposed to rest days. In fact, I think every 3-4 weeks a rest day is a very good idea.

Whenever I was training at a very high level, averaging over 100 miles per week, I would typically run a 7 day high mileage block, followed by a day of rest, and then run another 7-14 day high mileage block.

The day off was not me being lazy. The day off was an opportunity to recover, and by recover, I mean really focus on recovery. It was an opportunity to get some extra sleep (I typically ran around 6AM every day), or get in a nap (I typically ran a double at 3PM every day), or get in an ice bath, etc. The day off was also an opportunity to relax and have a day where I did not have to FOCUS on getting in two runs with core and strength work; consider it a mental health day!


I can get along with that; just as long as we don’t view rest days as days off.

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