Anatomy of a Workout

Monday, Jan. 15th, 2018 — Dallas Baptist University, Men’s Track (distance squad)

3 miles warm up — including 4 x 30 seconds fast, 1:30 easy within the last mile. 
10 minutes tempo run w/ 4:00 recovery. 
12-20 x 400 meters cruise w/ 30 seconds rest. Every 4th repeat is a hammer rep at 3k pace w/ 60 seconds rest. 
3 miles cool down — including 4 x 1:30 easy, 30 seconds fast within the first mile. 


Everything is important.
→ The warm up is very important. We’re making sure that we are ready to go. Some of you do a very poor job of getting ready to workout. Why do professional runners take 60-75 minutes to get ready to workout and race?

→ The actual workout itself is important, no duh, right? But are you doing it the way it was assigned? Did you take 30 seconds rest?  Did you run in the assigned pace range? Did you run with your groups?

→ The cool down is important. We are doing longer cool downs, with SPEED inserted so you CAN PRACTICE RUNNING FAST WHEN TIRED.

→ The TOTAL VOLUME of the session is important. IT’S JANUARY. Training for May.

It’s a mixture of work; volume work, tempo work, and race pace work.
→ The VOLUME of workouts needs to be high. (Relative to where you are.)

→ Tempo work (aerobic work) is #1 for us. ESPECIALLY NOW.

→ Race pace work will be inserted into the training in small pieces, so TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT.

This workout is a difficult one to do with lots of groups…the short rest between the 400 meter reps makes it just about impossible to time unless you’ve got a lot of help, so some of our groups were autonomous that day, but my focus was on our top-7 men.

They were assigned 10 minutes at 5:28/mile pace…or what I consider a pretty slow tempo pace. The goal was to continue warming up, put a little fatigue in the legs, and to get in some more volume for the session. Our guys typically get in 11-12k per tempo session and so 20 x 400 meters would have been a little too short for what I was looking for.

After the 10 minute tempo we took 4 minutes recovery, then ran 20 x 400 meters with a 30 second rest. The assigned pace for the 400 meter reps were 72-74 seconds for the top-3 guys, 73-75 seconds for the next two guys, and 74-76 for the last two guys. However, every fourth rep we were trying to run closer to 3km pace and then taking 60 seconds rest after those. The groups were going 68 seconds, 70 seconds, and 72 seconds for those hammer reps.

As you can tell in the video, those seven guys ran much closer together with all seven being pretty much in the 72-74 second range for the cruise reps and 68-70 second range for the hammer reps.

All in all, it was a very good session for our guys…and on the grass track. Later that afternoon they did 5-6 miles easy, which gave them 17-20 miles on the day.

These men are fit and I can’t wait to see what they do this spring!


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