Houston 1/2 Marathon Preview

I’m not going to do a full race preview…I don’t have the information for that, but wanted to link the Letsrun.com preview. They’ve done a great job in breaking down the elite field and the chances at some pretty fast performances. If you are in Houston this weekend, I definitely suggest getting out and supporting these athletes.

However, in that elite field and representing the Greater Texas Track Club is Kelsey Bruce. This is Kelsey’s first race since her 6th place finish at the USATF Marathon Championships (CIM Marathon) where she ran a PR of 2:34:03.

We don’t have any expectations with this race. In fact, as long as she is able to get in a good effort over the distance I’ll be happy. We typically try to be conservative on the build back from marathons and this one was no different.

After her race we took off 10 days and then spent 10 days just returning to easy running. Now she is in week three of her current build up and so for us, there is no rush.

Then, why Houston?

Mainly because it’s close, and it’s a major race where Kelsey can experience the likes of Jordan Hasay, Molly Huddle, and many others that she’ll be racing in 2020 at the US Olympic Marathon Trials.

It’s also a great starting point for the year. It’s not like Kelsey is unfit. She just ran a 2:34 marathon and has been doing our standard base training since then, so while it’s not likely she’ll run sub-1:13, it is likely that she’ll be able to go out and have a good performance.

So, what does this race week training look like for Kelsey as she is building back up from the USATF Marathon Championships?

Monday, January 8th:
12 miles w/ the last 6 miles steady AM
5 miles, easy + Drills + 6 x strides PM

Tuesday, January 9th:
12 miles, relaxed

Wednesday, January 10th:
12 miles w/ tempo repeats AM
5 miles, easy PM

Thursday, January 11th:
10 miles, relaxed

Friday, January 12th:
3 miles easy + 4 x 200 meters on / 200 meters off + 3 miles easy

Saturday, January 13th:
5 miles, easy + 4 x strides

Sunday, January 14th:
2 miles warm up + Houston Half Marathon + 2 miles cool down

Total Miles: 85 miles

Wednesday Workout:
3 miles warm up. Drills. Strides.
4 x 30 seconds fast / 1:30 easy.
3 x 10 minutes in 5:40-5:45/mile pace range. 2:00 rest.
4 x 30 seconds fast / 1:30 easy.
3 miles cool down.

We’re excited to see how Houston plays out for everyone, especially Kelsey. As usual, if you have any questions, or are looking for a coach please email me at thedailyrun@gmail.com.

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