Running Top-10 — #6

Are you looking to become a better runner in 2018? If so, I believe that I can help and my Running Top-10 list is a great place to start if you want to become a better runner in 2018!

Check out the first five tips below.

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Tip #5

Today’s tip is an inside look at one of my favorite workouts…THE PROGRESSION RUN. If you want to be a better runner in 2018, then I would highly advise you to include progression runs in your training schedule.

For me, progression runs are one of the simplest, yet most effective workouts that you can do within a training cycle. I especially believe in progression runs early in a training cycle, such as in a base building period, or early in marathon training.

My collegiate athletes will do progression runs as their primary workout throughout the base phase when preparing for a fall cross country season. For my sub-elite runners I believe in going through a 4-8 week period where the main session of the week is a progression run.

So, how do I prescribe progression runs?

Typically they are an easy run, where the last 1/3 to 1/2 of the run is completed at a steady effort. The pace for me is irrelevant, as long as the effort is  steady and high-end aerobic.

For those who don’t quite grasp that feel, it’s somewhere about 5-10 seconds/mile slower than marathon pace and as fast as half marathon pace, but it will vary depending on the day and the conditions. The only thing I really say about that ‘pace’ is that it should never be forced, it should always be under control, and you should be able to run at least another mile at that same effort.

So, how would I fit a progression run into a weekly cycle?

Monday — Progression run (aerobic strength)
Tuesday — Easy day
Wednesday — Hill repeats or 200 meter repeats (speed)
Thursday — Easy day or x-training day
Friday — Easy day
Saturday — Long run
Sunday — Easy day or rest day

I can guarantee that if you add in progression runs to your weekly training during 2018, that you’ll become a better runner. Make sure to keep it under control and to never force it, and watch your race times drop!

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